Saturday, October 1, 2011

More thoughts on Vim as a Rails Editor

I'm still using Vim as my editor for Rails development. After doing some more research on things I could do to make it more Rails-centric, I came across this post which gave me some additional ideas, and settings I could snag for my own .vimrc file, which is below:

Also, note that I am using the 'vividchalk' color scheme which isn't installed by default (at least on Ubuntu/Xubuntu), so you can download it here if you'd like to use it as well. Also, I am using the Ubuntu Mono font (in 11pt) as my default GUI font, if you'd like to try it (it's awesome) and aren't running a current Ubuntu Linux distribution, you can download it here (I use it on my Mac as well).

Don't take my settings as right for you though, read through the blog linked above to decide what settings would be right for you.

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