Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More free learning resources

Back in October, I posted an entry which listed out many of the awesome Ruby and Ruby on Rails tutorials and resources I had found online, and I felt since I should update with some additional resources I’ve found for C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, jQuery and other techniques.

First, Here are a few sites I’ve found specifically for C#:
On Microsoft’s MSDN site, you’ll find this great collection of C# tutorials. Most of the basics are covered here and this will get you started quite nicely in your journey to learn the C# language. A similar set of tutorials can be found here, on the C# Station website. The one resource I can’t recommend highly enough is this nice collection of videos on Microsoft’s Channel9 site by Bob Tabor of – I found Bob’s teaching style excellent, and the videos moved along at the perfect pace for me. Just a note – I found streaming these videos to be quite slow for me, even with my fast connection, so I downloaded the .wmv versions, which is nice to have, as I can save them locally for future reference.

Once you get the language basics down, it’s time to move onto applying those skills to a framework. An excellent place to start for ASP.NET is right on the ASP.NET homepage. From there you can find excellent tutorials such as the Movie Database Application Tutorial, and then the more advanced MVC Music Store Tutorial. I found both of these excellent and they taught me a lot about the ASP.NET MVC framework. There is also the NerdDinner tutorial which at the time of this writing is still on MVC 2, but there is supposed to be an updated tutorial coming soon to port it to MVC 3. Be sure to check out the other MVC tutorials as well as the free videos from Pluralsight on the ASP.NET MVC homepage. Also, don’t forget to further explore the MSDN site because there is  a lot of information available to cover a wide range of topics from general .NET Development, C#, “How Do I?” videos and Test Driven Development.

There is more to web development than just learning a language such as Ruby or C#, or framework such as ASP.NET MVC, Rails or Sinatra. There is also JavaScript, jQuery CSS, HTML, XML and more. A great place to start is – you’ll find tons of general Web development oriented information, tutorials, exercises and even quizzes there. Also be sure to check out the Mozilla Developer Network JavaScript Guide as well. The jQuery JavaScript library is a “must-learn” as well. Besides the jQuery website itself, be sure to check out and these free videos on JavaScript and jQuery at I have also found to be really great for tinkering with JavaScript right in my browser.

Although the purpose of this post was to share free resources, I have also purchased the following books I have found helpful:

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