Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflecting on the old year, anticipating the new

Many blogs will have posts similar to this one today, and I started not to write this, but decided “why not?”. Everyone else is boring everyone else with their self-centered view of what they want to achieve over the next year, so I will join the club as well. Read on if you want to know more about me, and what makes me tick. I’ll try to keep it concise and too the point.

Overall 2011 was quite a year for me. Here are some highlights.

  • I continued improving my physical fitness:

  • Started Running:
    • Ran first 5K
    • (First 5K: 33:08 Time; Avg. Pace: 10:40/mi Best 5K: 24:08 Time; Avg. Pace: 8:50/mi)
    • Ran first Half-Marathon
    • (1:50:11 Time; Avg Pace: 8:24/mi)
  • Achieved >50% weight loss
  • Stopped having to take medicine for High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol
  • Steady improvements in weight lifting
  • I got to travel a bit

  • Visited San Francisco
    • Attended Atlassian Summit 2011, learned lots.
    • Got to attend a SF Giants Game (They have been my favorite team for years, and I never thought I’d get to see them play).
  • Visited Seattle
    • Visited with Coworkers at “The City”, and did some “work stuff” while there.
    • Visited the Space Needle and surrounding area.
    • Drank some coffee.
  • Visited Denver
    • Attended AstriCon (learned lots, met cool people).
    • Experienced quite a snowstorm.
    • Ran with Prairie Dogs on the wonderful trails in Westminster, CO.
    • Saw the Rockies, drove to Boulder.
  • Began learning the art of Software Development

    • Ruby on Rails
    • JavaScript/jQuery
    • CSS/HTML
    • C#
    • Ruby
    • JRuby
    • SQL


What’s coming in 2012?

I don’t know. Nobody does. If I knew, I’d know the winning Powerball numbers for Tusday night, and this list would be quite different. However, since I can’t predict the future, I’ll share some things I’d like to achieve. I don’t set “resolutions”, as they are, in my opinion a recipe for failure. However, I do set goals. I would love to set a goal to run a full marathon. I won’t, not because I don’t think I can physically prepare (I know I could), but I’m not sure I’ll have the time/money resources to travel to one in order to make it happen.

I do want to continue improving my physical fitness. I *really* want to set the lofty goal of single-digit body fat. That is huge to me, but I think that’s more like a resolution, and is setting me up for failure, so I have a goal to simply continue improving physically every day. Improving my running pace, increasing distance, increasing my lifts at the gym and making even better choices at the table.

I want to do more than just continue to learn software development. I want to put the knowledge into practice. I will always be learning the art of software development. Learning should never stop. I love my job, I really do. I love the company I work for very much. However, I do want to transition from my current job as a Server Administrator to become a Software Developer. I do have faith that those I currently work for understand I have developed quite a passion for development, and want to nurture my new desires, and not hold me back (that’s why my company is so freakin’ great), and I know that those who I want to go to work for down the road share the same vision, and are going to be willing to give me a chance to prove I can do it (another reason why my company is so freakin’ great).

I want to continue to make knowledge a revolving door. I love to teach-back new things, and inspire an atmosphere of organic information. I will continue to teach-back and share my new-found knowledge with anyone who will listen, and strive to make any team I am a part of better in any way I can.


Finally, I just want to sincerely wish each and every one of you reading this blog the best, and most meaningful 2012 possible. If you want something badly enough, you can do it – you can make it happen. If you want to lose weight and get yourself more fit, do it – don’t think about it, just get up and move, and eat better. Make it a learning process. Learn as much about exercise science and nutrition as you can. It will be your ammunition in the war. If you want to learn something new, or change your career path, do it. Get online – find free materials on whatever subject it may be, buy books, enroll in classes. Just do something to make it happen. Nothing happens by wishing on a star – you have to put in the effort in order to make any change in your life, and once you make that commitment to yourself, it’s a stronger bond than any commitment made to another person. You have to want to do it for “you”.

Finally, I’ll share my personal motto:

Any day is a good day. Any day I learn something new is a great day.

Here’s to the new year!

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