Saturday, June 2, 2012

Improving Fedora 17 Font Rendering

Update 08/11/2013: 

Both of these posts are now out of date - for more info: 

I named the new post Part Deux forgetting that I had made a part II already :-) It seems when I did that, I liked "Slight" hinting better.

Update 08/03/2012:

 This post is now, as far as I'm concerned out of date. Please see this updated post for more info:

One of the adjustments when moving from Ubuntu to Fedora was font rendering. Out of the box, Fedora's font rendering isn't bad it's just different. Often fonts look different, than on Ubuntu.

I first came across this blogpost from Jason Brooks which actually pointed me to this blogpost. After following those steps, they looked better but still not quite right. any good nerd, I did more research which led me to this post on the Fedora Forums talking about Infinality (which was also mentioned by a commenter in my Fedora Setup Guide post as well. After installing the repo and installing the following packages, my fonts are finally perfect! This is why I love the internet :)

To get everything set up (in a terminal):

$ sudo rpm -Uvh

$ sudo yum -y install freetype-infinality fontconfig-infinality libXft-infinality

Also note that before doing this I did back out the changes I'd made previously, and rebooted, getting me back to a default config.


  1. Finally, a hit for my ordinary search for "How To Eff Up Evolution fonts etc, in Fedora 17 using Gnome3 without retconning." Whoever The Fedora Project or Evolution devs have for an in house granny to approve the looks of things, I think I have some habanero-ayahuasca macarons to send. Or Launch.

    Who knew I wanted to show information on a screen rather than add an app to my TV? I mean, really Gnome! Emulating "1 1/2 line" spacing, the granularity of H1 tags in 'Universal Access' which is somehow Gnome3's font setting....

    Dwarf Fortress is more fair and adaptable than this. I should just use that as a GTK when I'm not watching Qt's solid denial (via Opera) of anything to do with gnome.

    My alternate way of dealing with this would have been to pick the E17 spin, right?

    At any rate, thanks. And screenshots.

  2. I am amazed it does look so much better then before. Is it the same font (font rendering) as in Ubuntu or Mint ?

    thank you

  3. I don't think it's the same - I think freetype-freeworld is technically closer to what Ubuntu/Mint uses, but I think this looks better.

  4. I am stunned! The difference! I actually found your site when I googled for ways to enhance font rendering in chrome. With freetype-freeworld, firefox was ok but chrome still rendered like shit. After installing, chrome font rendering is just perfect! A few applications' font rendering are screwed up though like netbeans but I will have to find one that works. I use inconsolata for all my editors but now looks really ugly on netbeans. Just for anyone else, you will have to remove freetype-freeworld since in conflicts with what you are about to install. Thanks Jason!

  5. You are the man. I hated fedora for its fonts. Now it looks great. Thanks a lot from Turkey.

  6. Really glad this post has helped so many. The folks who make the Infinality patches deserve all the credit - they are awesome.

  7. this is really great! thanks for sharing.

  8. My eyes and brain thank you, Jayson.

  9. Absolutely brilliant! I'm quite glad that I googled fedora font rendering on a whim and stumbled upon your blog.


  10. Great! That makes a world of difference

  11. I installed everything, and I feel things smoother... do I have to do anything after the install?

  12. something is broken for fc18 :
    Error: Error importing repomd.xml from infinality/18/x86_64: Damaged repomd.xml file

    also there is no any libXft-infinality in all the repos...