Sunday, June 10, 2012

SouthEast LinuxFest 2012 Recap

Today I returned from my first ever Linux conference, the SouthEast LinuxFest. I'm sure it's just the first of many more to come. I also had the unique experience of attending with 3 non-linux users, and I'm happy that they not only got exposed to Linux and F/OSS, but that we were able to have some interesting discussions around Linux, its history and that the experience fostered a genuine interest in them for learning more.

While I was able to attend many great talks, and learned a lot of new things, honestly the best part was being able to meet and interact with members of the community that I had perhaps only known as an online persona. I was also happy to get to meet a few members of the Fedora Community, and I'm more excited than ever to become more and more involved in Fedora. I'm in the process of becoming a Fedora Ambassador and I've already been working on an internship with the Fedora Infrastructure team. So, thanks to all the Fedora folks for making me feel welcome. You guys (and ladies) are awesome!

I've also been inspired to take steps to form a local Linux Users Group in my area. Although I don't know many other local Linux users personally, I know there has to be a few out there locally, and if we have some organized events, perhaps we can earn some more.

I've been a 'consumer' for far too long, it's time to start contributing back in tangible ways.

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