Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cinnamon desktop in Fedora

I can't believe nobody has mentioned this on the Planet yet, but Cinnamon is now available in the official Fedora repositories. Here is the Bugzilla and here it is in the package db.

Although I wasn't involved in making this happen, I just *had* to share the news. I prefer KDE and Xfce myself, but Cinnamon seems to be a great desktop from what little experience I've had with it. Huge props to Leigh Scott and everyone else involved for all the hard work in making it happen.

I think it is awesome that Fedora provides the ultimate choice for users in what environments are available to choose from.


  1. Well, the desktop still lack some polish. For something labelled 1.4, there is wierd stuff ( like missing translation, strange layout of the various panels, some being empty ). It feel like a product to be finished.
    On the other hand, it didn't crashed for the 3h I used it before going back to gnome-shell, so that's not that bad.

  2. For me Gnome 3 is too cool to be changed for other desktop.