Saturday, July 28, 2012

KDE Unstable in Fedora

I've been trying out KDE-Unstable in Fedora 17. I'm very pleased. Rex does an awesome job with this. Some info on setting up can be found here if you are interested.

It's a great way to keep up with new versions of KDE.

Not really specific to the packages in KDE-Unstable, but my favorite feature since coming back to using KDE are activities - I just really started using them, but it's pretty awesome. I have ctrl+alt+(l,r,u,d arrow keys) to change workspaces and ctrl+alt+(l,r arrow keys) to change between the two activities I have set up. I've become really efficient with this setup.
Although I guess activities can be configured to be pretty different, I have my two set up pretty much the same, and I use them much in the same way as workspaces, but more separated. So, I have two activities with 4 workspaces each. It simply helps me keep my windows/apps/tasks more organized.
My only regret is waiting so long to give KDE a real chance again. I still have Xfce (using Kevin Fenzi's Xfce 4.10 repo) on two systems that but my main desktops will be KDE from now on.


  1. Any notable bugs or issues that you have encountered running kde-unstable? I am running kde on Fedora 17 and really enjoy it. I am tempted to take a look at kde 4.9 through the unstable repo.

  2. Hi Mike,
    No, I haven't run into any issues at all personally. The only thing I know of is that KTimeTracker doesn't seem to be working ATM, as I heard someone point this out on IRC the other day. You can always drop by #fedora-kde on freenode if you run into any issues.