Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Lottery Question...

Often, you'll hear tossed around "What would you do if you won the Lottery" (this could apply to any large windfall of cash).

I have always said, I wouldn't change much - I'd keep working, invest, basically be smart.

That's the easy answer. That's what everyone *wants* to say. I gave it some real thought one day while on a run, and my thoughts popped into my head again tonight once again.

As much as I'd like to say I would keep working my current day-job, I probably wouldn't (sorry). I might would stay part-time, in some capacity, because I love the company I work for, what it stands for, and the people there.

With a little thought, this is what I came up with.

I would start a gym.
Okay, I admit, that sounds a little silly without any back-story, so let me elaborate a little. First this wouldn't be *any* old gym, and secondly, a gym changed my life.

So, what would this gym be if it wouldn't be ordinary?
First it would be a not-for-profit organization.
It would exist solely to help people. Here are my thoughts on my fictitious gym I will never have.

  • It would accept "regular" members...the types of people who would join ordinary gym's for a fee. Any fees paid would be on a sliding scale based on the ability to pay. Below a certain income bracket, no fee would be required.
  • If you have a serious health condition where exercise would save your life, there would be no fee.
  • If you are morbidly obese there would be no fee until you reached a healthy weight, and then the normal scale based fee would apply (if applicable). 
  • If for any reason you are in no-fee or reduced-fee status, you will have time obligations to meet. If you don't work-out your committed weekly hours, you lose no-fee status. There would be considerable leniency here, if there was a legitimate reason you could not meet your obligations.
  • Transportation to-and-from the gym would be provided for reduced-fee/no-fee members, if needed. 
  • Any volunteers of the gym would obviously have no fee.
  • Personal training would always be free regardless of your fee status. Everyone needs good form. 
  • Child care would be free for all members. Children would be in organized activities while you work out.
  • There would never be a fee for children under 18.
  • Children over age 13 who want to 'join' as no-fee members, would always have a trainer with them, and would have organized routines. (I see SO many teenagers 'flopping around' at my gym with no guidance). They would as no-fee members have similar time commitments to meet.  
Such things are nice to (semi) plan out, even if there is a 1 in 175,223,510 chance of it ever happening :-)

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