Monday, September 10, 2012

Social Media Overload

I really get a lot out of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I like them all three for different reasons. Facebook is great for keeping in touch with (in real life) friends and family. Twitter is great for real time info and updates, as well as some communication with friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers. Google+ is like one big club of geeks. No matter what geeky thing you are interested in, you’ll find many of comrades on G+.

One of my biggest problems is I haven’t always been (what’s the right word?)…selective enough with those who I follow, circle, whatever. Facebook really doesn’t have the problem – it’s generally a 1-1 friend setup, and I know (in person) almost everyone on my Facebook friends list. I have pretty much kept it to ‘in-real-life’ people. My twitter feed and G+ on the other hand have gotten a little out of control. It all starts when someone I already follow/circle retweets/reshares a post by someone, or I get bored and start looking for people by topic/interest and before you know it, ‘bam’ you are in a social media overload situation such as I am in.

I’m really tempted to spend some time going through my follows/circles and pruning some of the folks whom I’ve found I’m really not that into. The problem for me is, I’m generally, by nature a pretty polite guy. I don’t take unfriending/unfollowing/uncircling someone lightly…especially if they have mutually circled/followed me back (or first).

I’m going to start working on it some in the coming weeks, but it’ll be tough. I really need to get the information coming at me to be more quality info, and less noise. If it’s someone who regularly interacts with me, they will stay. If I truly enjoy their content, they will stay. If I find they are simply noise or I don’t agree with most of what they post, they are going to have to go.

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