Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kill the Top Bar when full-screen in VMware Player

Do you use VMWare Player and want to get rid of that annoying auto-hide bar at the top? On Windows find your C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\VMware\preferences.ini file, on Linux find your /home/username/.vmware/preferences file and add the following pref.vmplayer.fullscreen.nobar = "TRUE"
MUCH better, and full screen it totally seamless. Performance seems very much better than VirtualBox for me as well. My only disadvantage is the seemingly inability to run multiple VM's, but I rarely ever did that for my purposes anyway. I usually only did that when installing the OS on multiple machines - I'd usually kick a couple off at a time. VMware's easy-install is great - just give it the ISO, username, password (and product key if a Windows OS) and check on it in a few minutes - it'll be installed, configured and have VMware Tools installed.


  1. This is great! I was wondering about this myself recently, but had not bothered to follow up.

    So I shared it to my Google+ stream :)

  2. Only problem with this is that you can no longer use multiple monitors - anyone got a workaround for this?

  3. Does't seem to work in VMWare Player 6.0.3 :(

  4. Correction, when i also commented out
    pref.vmplayer.deviceBarToplevel = "TRUE"
    pref.vmplayer.fullscreen.autohide = "TRUE"

    it worked! :D

  5. if in Full screen already. CTRL+ALT , then CTRL+ALT+[ENTER].