Sunday, October 28, 2012

Two weeks in…

As I blogged about a couple of weeks ago, I recently started a new gig at my company as a Software Developer doing Acceptance Testing. It’s pretty awesome so far. I will say, Monday, two weeks ago, I was pretty nervous going to work. I’d never been nervous about going to work before…at any job. But there were so many unknowns. Although I knew everyone on my new team, I’d never worked with them closely. Would I fit in? Would they understand that I was just starting out in Development and be patient as I learned?

I soon realized my nervousness was unwarranted. I feel like I’ve caught on pretty quick. I think by the second (maybe third) day I was committing code, and it felt great. We work in an agile environment, so on this sprint I had no hours assigned to me as I was just getting acclimated, so I took on the task of fixing some neglected acceptance tests that weren’t running for some reason or another. There had been nobody really working on the AT’s for about a month, and there had been changes in the app that weren’t being tested properly. I think I’ve fixed somewhere in the neighborhood of about 25 or 30 tests. Some were fixed by some code changes in classes causing a trickle down effect, but I’m happy to have made a contribution so soon.

I look forward to each and every day – I’m learning something every day, which I love, and I feel that this is going to be a real opportunity for me to grow myself professionally, hone my development skills and make a real impact for our customers by helping ensure we deliver a quality product.

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