Sunday, November 11, 2012

Linux has Game...

Linux finally has some Game, or at least has some games...
Although there are many great Free, Open Source games already available for Linux, there is about to be a real shake up with the introduction of Steam for Linux. Now, unless you don't follow Linux news closely, or you do and have apparently been living under a rock for the past few months, you should know that Steam has been hard at work on it's Beta client for Linux. Nvidia has also been working hard on it's Video drivers for Linux. This is all great stuff - native games coming to Linux is great news for Desktop Linux.

Native apps are cool, but what's even cooler (to me, at least)? Virtualization. Being the nerd I am, I knew that VMware had been working hard on increasing 3D performance in Virtual Machines. I recently switched to (the freely available) VMware Player from Virtual Box for hosting Virtual Machines on my home system running Ubuntu. Where VirtualBox had trouble even running Aero in experimental 3D mode, VMware flew - felt completely native. Even the WEI scores were high (near native, in fact), so I thought. Hmmm. What would happen if I loaded up Steam in a VM and installed some games.

Well, let me tell you. Mind == Blown!

First, a fairly old game, CS:Source - I've been playing CS for years (1.x and Source), and naturally it was the first game I installed. Although CS:Source and the Source engine were launched something like 8 years ago, it's been updated quite a bit and is still fairly taxing. What happend? It worked. Flawlessly. I mean, you can't tell it's in a VM.

Next up, Unreal Tournament 3. Now, still not a 'new' game, but probably the newest game in my Steam library. What happened? It worked. Flawlessly.

Again let me reiterate... Mind == Blown.

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