Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thoughts on Phones

I recently bought a new phone. Well, actually, In the past 2 months, I've purchased 2 phones, and sold one. For the past ~2 years, I've been a happy Android user. I had an HTC Incredible, and it was my first really smart smartphone (I had a couple of Blackberry's previously, but they weren't all that smart, if you ask me). I was happy with the apps, and the device itself. All was well in the world. It was time for a new phone, so I traveled down to my local phone store (I use Verizon). I stayed in there for 2 hours. Not because it was particularly busy, but because I couldn't decide. Do I stay with Android? Get a Galaxy Nexus or Samsung Galaxy SIII like all good Linux geeks are supposed to do, or get an iPhone and try something new. In the end, I walked out of the store with a Galaxy Nexus. I turned down the SIII pretty quickly. It was simply *way* too big, and if I'm going to use Android, I wanted as vanilla and crapware-free Android experience as possible. It was to me, the only real Android choice. My main reasoning was it gave me 4G LTE and the price was right. This was right about the time of the iPhone 5 launch, and I couldn't have gotten one of those if I'd wanted it, and the 4S is 3G only. Fast forward just over a month, and I loathe my Galaxy Nexus more and more each day. I felt that the display was kinda washed out, the phone was (although smaller than the SIII) still too big for me. I couldn't really use it with one hand, and it was uncomfortable in my jeans pocket. I carry my phone when running, and on longer runs it felt more like I was carrying a tablet with me than my phone. Jelly Bean was good (I was on Gingerbread before, running CyanogenMod) and (unfortunately) my 'life' is somewhere in Google, so everything sync'ed up quite well. But, *man* was that phone big. So, I made a bold choice. I put the Galaxy Nexus on Craigslist, and purchased a used iPhone 4S from a friend. I really couldn't be happier. This phone just works, and it does everything very well, and with tons of polish. I am amazed that the *same* apps just look and work better on iPhone than they did on Android. The most shocking example was Google's own Google+ application - it's beautiful on iOS. Also, I'm not a big game player, but I really enjoy Jetpack Joyride, and I was blown away when I first loaded it on iOS - *tons* better than the Android version. I'm still discovering new Apps, and new things about the phone, but it was a great choice, and one that I'm happy I made. Now, I suddenly have an urge to learn iOS development, so I guess I need to buy a Mac now to go with it...

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