Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Have you heard of Tanglu?

If not, read this. This sounds like it's going to be an awesome project, and I'm going to contribute in any way I can.

To quote some highlights from the initial announcement:
Tanglu will be based on Debian Testing and follow the Debian development closely. It will have a 6-months release-cycle and it’s target audience are Linux desktop users. We will make installing and setting up the distro as easy as possible. 
Tanglu will be usable for both developers of upstream software and the average Linux user and Linux newbie. This is possible because in our opinion developers and users don’t have different needs for a desktop system. Both kinds of users like a polished desktop which “just works”. We will, hwever, not apply any kind of fancy modification on upstream software, we will basically just distribute what upstream created, so users can get an almost “pure” GNOME and KDE experience.
Tanglu is designed to be able to solve the issue that Debian is frozen for a long time and Debian Developers can’t make new upstream versions available for testing easily. During a Debian freeze, DDs can upload their software to the current Tanglu development version and later start the new Debian cycle with already tested packages from Tanglu. The delta between Tanglu and Debian should be kept as minimal as possible. However, Tanglu is not meant as experimental distribution for Debian, so please upload experimental stuff to Experimental. Only packages good enough for a release should go into Tanglu.
And the best part (to me, anyway :-) ):

Which desktop will you use? 
Everyone can add a new desktop to Tanglu, as long as the desktop-environment is present in Debian. Long term, we will have to offer Linux-newbies a default flavour, probably by setting a default download on the website. But as long as there is a community for a given desktop-environment, the desktop is considered as supported.
At the beginning, we will focus on KDE, as many people have experience with it. But adding vanilla GNOME is planned too.

Yay for another option for a Debian based, pure KDE distro. I'm running both openSUSE and Kubuntu now on different machines. I'm surely more comfortable with Debian, but Kubuntu is simply more up-to-date, and KDE is really well integrated. I'm trying openSUSE, but having used Debian based distros for going on 10 years now, I still don't have the level of comfort, so it lives on my (less critical) Laptop.

I see this as great because it will help the overall Debian ecosystem, which feeds not only Debian, but The 'buntu's, Mint CrunchBang and many others.

I just think it's awesome to have something with a pure KDE more closely aligned with Debian coming soon.

Does this all sound as exciting to you as it does to me? Because, man, I'm pumped!

If so, do like I did and sign up for the mailing list, join the Freenode channel and get ready to contribute.

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  1. Very nice! Thanks for the tip. I very much like the fact that they are addressing the long and unpredictable Debian repo freeze. That was the main issue that prevented me from using Debian.