Friday, March 22, 2013

Multi-Core rendering in Serious Sam 3 (Linux)

I keep htop open all the time on my box, usually on the secondary monitor on the virtual desktop where I play games.

I noticed that in Serious Sam 3, only one of my 8 CPU threads were being utilized, so I did a little searching and I found these two settings that can be enabled in game for multi-core rendering.


I set the iMaxThreads to 4 on my machine (4C/8T i7) as I read that any more can flood the driver and result in lower performance and that 4 was the optimal setting for a Core i7 or AMD FX 8 Module CPU. I would guess for a 4 thread CPU, like an i5, or regular Quad AMD, that either 2 or 3 would be optimal, but you might have to do some experimenting yourself.

Hope this helps, and happy Linux gaming!

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