Wednesday, March 20, 2013

People Behind KDE

Hi Everyone,
This past summer I did some work to revive the People Behind KDE series of interviews. There had been about an 18 month lag since and interview was published, and I had some awesome KDE folks agree to do interviews with me.

I've loved those interviews for a long time. Back when I first got into Linux and KDE I read them all the time, and looked forward to new ones being published.

I took some time away from stuff like that due to some work requirements, but I'm ready, and able to do some more.

The last ones were more of a "stock" set of questions, but when I do more, I am going to change it up and make it more conversational. It will take a little more time for the interviewee as we'll have to exchange a few more e-mails, but it will give me a chance to ask follow-up questions to responses I've been given.

If you have anyone in the KDE community that you would like to see interviewed on the PBK site, or have any ideas for questions, suggestions on format, or would simply like to help do the interviews, please let me know. Also, if you would like to share your story about your work with KDE, what drives you to keep doing it, and a little more about yourself, don't be bashful; let me know you'd like to do an interview!

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  1. I think that Lamarque Souza would be a good person to speak with.