Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kudos to Newegg!

I just have to give a shout-out to Newegg. Usually, you only hear people gripe and whine about a company when something goes wrong. Well, back in February, I did just that, in public on Twitter when I was buying the stuff to build my new machine. I generally don't do that, and I don't generally like it when other people do either. I'm not sure what got into me, but it struck me wrong, and I did it.

What happened was, when I ordered my stuff initially, I bought a Core i5 CPU. After getting everything put together, I decided I wanted a Core i7 instead to get Hyper-threading (which does help when running multiple VM's, among other things). Well, I listed the i5 on eBay, and ordered an i7, with the extra $2.99 for "Rush Processing" and extra for Next Day shipping - the order was placed very early in the morning as well. By 5PM, the order was still in "Processing" (or something like that), and I knew it was too late to get on a brown truck, a plane, another brown truck and make it to my door by E.O.B. the next day. I whined on Twitter, like I hate to see people do.

I was almost immediately contacted by Newegg. It was genuinely a mistake in the order process, and although they couldn't get the CPU to me by the next day, but they promised to make it right. What had made me upset, is that not only would the CPU not get to me the next day, the next day was Friday, which meant I wouldn't get the CPU until Monday. It was supposed to be raining Monday, and not only that, nobody was going to be home to receive the package, meaning it was going to sit in the rain. Luckily the forecast was wrong, it didn't rain, the CPU didn't get wet, and it was waiting on my doorstep when I got home from the doctor on that Monday.

(Side note: this was the same doctors appointment where I got the now (in)famous cortisone shot that caused a side effect, muscle spasm, hemorrhage and resulted in my lingering foot drop...)

Anyway, Newegg, did make it right. Much to my surprise, they credited $100 back to my Paypal account. I was blown away. So, the net result: I sold my i5 on eBay for only slightly less than I originally paid. The i7 was ~$100 more than the i5 was, so I nearly got a free i5 -> i7 upgrade, all because I was a jerk on Twitter.

I actually felt bad. The one time I whine on Twitter, I not only get my way, but it actually felt unfair to me. forward to this week. As I mentioned on Google+ recently, I had this little Socket 1156 system in my closet that was missing a CPU, Memory and HDD. I ordered a used Clarkdale i3 from Amazon, 4GB of DDR3 and a small 32GB Adata SSD from Newegg and rebuilt it. It was a pretty snappy little machine, and I really enjoyed having a second somewhat decent machine around to play with (which will result in me leaving my main machine alone!).

Well, two days later, I started receiving errors on boot-up which indicated corruption on my EXT4 file system. The first time I was actually able to recover. I did a fsck /dev/sda1 from the rootfs shell I was dropped into, let it fix it's errors, but I apparently lost some files to corruption (seemed to be fonts, and maybe other things, who knows, but LXDM was missing fonts for sure). I let Pacman do it's magic with a pacman -Qeq | pacman -S - which re-installed all installed packages, and to my amazement that seemed to fix it...until 2 reboots later. I knew I needed to RMA this drive because it was obviously not going to last.

I noticed on Newegg's site when I went to initiate the RMA, that the Adata drive was only able to be returned for exchange (for the same model) only. This was disappointing, but I should've read that first, and I should've trusted my gut and not bought an unknown cheapo drive like that. I really didn't want another one of those drives, because I knew I couldn't ever really trust it. Even though this was an unimportant machine, I did want it to work.

So, I sent an e-mail to Newegg customer support, and the first response was a canned "Sorry, {reiterate what the website already said about exchanging for same model}, Thanks, and have a nice day.

I replied back saying something to the effect of: "Hi, I fully understand that, and it's my mistake for reading that first, but I really don't trust this model drive with my data, and I would love to just be able to exchange it for a better drive".

I didn't hear anything else back for a few hours, but eventually got an e-mail saying that they would issue me a "refund" RMA. They even sent me a prepaid UPS label to ship the defective drive back.

That's simply a great example of taking care of your customers, and that is the reason why I will continue to use Newegg for my hardware purchases.

Perhaps you've had bad experiences with them, but these are the only two issues I've ever had with Newegg, and they made them both right; the first one even going way beyond what I expected, wanted or what they needed to do.

I'm now looking forward to my Crucial m4 SSD arriving tomorrow to bring this little machine back to life again :-)

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