Saturday, December 7, 2013

1 John

So, I mentioned in a post the other day I was exploring a method of studying the New Testament that I read about in John MacArthur's book: "How to Study The Bible".

Devoting 1 month to a single small book of the Bible or a chunk of a larger book seemed daunting to me. I like the premise, but I'm not sure.

I've thought of modifying it - instead of reading 1 John every day for 30 days, perhaps reading 1 John multiple times a day for fewer days. There are lots of time in the day to sneak in some reading, and it doesn't really take very long to read a book like 1 John (or a 7 chapter chunk of a larger book).

Over the past few days, I have read 1 John, from the same translation (NASB) at least 3 times a day. So that means I have read 1 John at least 9 times now. I guess I'm questioning the "30 days" vs. "30 times" philosophy.

I'm sure back when MacAurthur started this method of study when he was in Seminary it wasn't as easy to carry a Bible with you, literally, everywhere you go as it is now with the use of technology. I have many, many Bibles in my phone, in my pocket, everywhere I go...all the time.

I think for me I might try 14 days of reading the same book multiple times a day and see how that goes.

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