Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 Bible Reading Plan

I struggled with if I would share this or not, and finally decided to. There are many yearly reading plans available out there, and likely one of those would be more suited to you, but I at least wanted to share what I was planning to attempt for 2014.

There are plans that will get you through the Bible in one year...this will get you a lot of Bible in one year. I debated starting MacArthur's Old Testament straight through/New Testament [1 small book or chunk of larger book] for 30 days I first blogged about here but I decided to modify it to 7 days for the NT readings vs 30 days, and perhaps start the "full plan" in 2015.

What will my plan get you? Will at the basic level by October 14 you will have read through the entire New Testament 7 times and by November 5 you will have read through the Old Testament once.

Starting Oct 15, I start hitting specific points of the NT I want to study more...I haven't marked them yet, I will add them as I study. Starting November 6 I go back and hit some key stories of the Old Testament I thought perhaps I could get back in.

The bottom line is anything after Oct 14 for the New Testament and Nov 5 for the Old Testament is gravy -- that is, my goal is to read through the OT once and the NT 7 times. Anything more is an added plus. It's kind of like a built in contingency budget so to speak. If I stay on track, great, if I lose some days of reading, or run short some days, I still have plenty of "make up" days to meet my ultimate goal.

Again, I'm certain this plan isn't for everyone, but it's what I personally plan to attempt. I will be reading the OT readings in the morning before work and the NT readings (which will generally be longer) in the evenings.

Let me know if you decide to follow along.

Here is the link to the Google Doc

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