Friday, January 17, 2014

Pursuing Seminary Study

I debated sharing at this stage, but I decided I wanted to. I've already shared with some friends that I've had the chance to.

I have decided to pursue study at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. It could very well be a year, with all the application processes, before I can start, but I am excited that they offer such a wonderful distance learning program which will allow me to pursue a degree while still working at the job I love so dearly at the same time.

Since becoming a Christian I have had an insatiable hunger for God's word. I have soaked myself in Scripture daily. I spend even more time reading commentaries and books by teachers I respect. I spend my workouts listening to sermons and theological lectures.

I am not sure what God has in store at this point, but I can't ignore the hunger I have for knowledge. Please pray for me as I go through this application process, and furthermore continue praying as I eventually start my studies.


  1. Are you doing a MA? What is your goal? Why Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary? Why not

    1. I've actually never heard of that school, to be honest. I chose SEBTS for a couple of reasons. First, it's close to home (2hr drive, one state away), and I feel particularly led there. I think the world of the President, Dr. Danny Akin, and there are a couple of professors there I would especially love to study under.

      My ultimate goal? A Ph.D in Church History.
      Thanks for the comment!

    2. Also, being a SBC Seminary, and me being a member of a SBC church it is even more affordable than most any other school...

  2. That is great. I hope your classes are going great! God Bless!