Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Zondervan NASB/NIV Greek and English Interlinear New Testament

I recently purchased the The Zondervan NASB/NIV Greek and English Interlinear New Testament. I've bought a lot of books and Bibles, but this is my favorite so far.

For those who aren't familiar with interlinear Bible's, what this has is in the middle of the page, is an Interlinear translation based on the Greek New Testament. On the far left is the NIV text and on the far right is the NASB text. Here is an example:

I actually debated purchasing this Bible, simply because I can't (yet!) read Greek. However, this Bible is perfect for me because I can't read Greek! I use it all the time, sure, I have to rely on the literal English that is inline with the Greek, but I love referencing that with the NASB and the NIV. The NASB has really become my primary translation for a lot of reasons (the reasons of which should really be a separate post), and I do a fair amount of (mostly devotional) reading from the NIV as well. It's fascinating to me to see how they both relate to the English that is inline with the Greek text, and it has helped prove to me just how accurate the NASB really is!

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  1. How has this worked out for you since you made this post? I'm considering it but like you am hesitant because I don't know Greek.