Sunday, June 8, 2014

Duck Theology

I could also give this a subtitle of: "Be careful where you get your Theology".

Let me start off by saying that I like Duck Dynasty. I think it's great that a show that freely talks about Jesus has done as well as it has done. Phil has put his foot in his mouth a few times, most famously with the GQ interview. I think the biggest problem with that was doing an interview with GQ in the first place. But, I digress, this is not what I'm writing about today.

What I'm noticing, is that everyone is trying to get a piece of the Duck Dynasty pie. You can't walk into a Wal-Mart any longer without seeing a bearded Duck Dynasty cast member staring at you from a T-shirt, cup, mug, towel, rug, pillow, flag, stuffed toy, birthday card...well, you get the picture. They are everywhere. I'm actually starting to not like the "Duck Wives" after they started doing the Zaxby's commercial -- they come across as 'snooty' to me in those commercials...or at least annoying. I don't like the commercials either way.

I have read Phil's book, "Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander". I noticed over the holiday season that there was a Duck Commander devotional out. I haven't read it, because admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of devotional books unless they are written by someone whose theology I know really well and I particularly respect. Again, I think that the Duck Commander crowd is great -- I'm just not interested in reading a devotional put together by them, so I simply passed. 

I really didn't think much of it until I recently saw this from Denny Burk. Yes, that's right a Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible. My first thought was: Really?!?
My second thought was "This is a little scary". Like Denny said, there are many options for a good Study Bible (Like here and here). 

The features of the Bible are listed as being: 
  • Full text of the New King James Version Bible
  • A personal welcome note from Phil and Al Robertson
  • 125 articles on the top 24 most-searched topics on BibleGateway
  • Life application and scripture references supplement each article
  • 30 days of life-changing testimonials
  • Topical index and reading plans
I'm sure that this Bible is going to sell like hotcakes just because of the branding, so I can only hope that the materials are of high quality and aren't skewed theologically. I hope the Bible helps grow the Kingdom, but I really worry about folks who think it's okay to get their theology from folks who make duck calls for a living (granted, they are good duck calls, but that's what they know best). I think it's great that they love Christ, talk Christ on the show and in personal appearances, but just so you'll know, they come from a background with some fairly odd theology (they, for example, believe that Baptism is essential for salvation...yes essential).

So, please, if you are looking for a Study Bible, check out one of the two I linked above -- they are excellent, or better yet, ask your pastor for a recommendation. The same advice for a devotional. I'm sure your pastor can recommend something. Just be careful where you get your theology.