Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pray for those building the Technology you use every day!

I have been involved in many online communities over the years in areas involving technology. Most especially I have been involved in many Linux communities (a Free, Open Source Operating System that basically runs the Internet, for those who aren't in the know).

When Google+ came on the scene a few years ago, most of the world ignored it, and it never really took off, but many niche groups, such as tech guys and photographers really gravitated to it. It was like a big online hobby club.

Linux folks were no exception. It became the social media platform for Linux guys. I was able to connect with many brilliant people from all over the world who were involved in making Linux. It was great.

It was also during one of my spiritual low-points leading up to returning to Christ. It was during this point that I was very close to becoming an atheist. Largely as a result of these folks, honestly.

You see, many of these people think that just because they are smart, they can't buy into religion. Religion is just something for dumb, weak minded sheep. Right? Well, sadly I had almost bought into this. I was beginning to think "I am smart, I can't believe this stuff anymore either". These were people I respected. These were the people I wanted to be like.

A funny thing happened though, Christ touched my heart, he changed it. Sitting in a field beside a little country church back home in South Carolina on the 4th of July, 2013 he changed my heart forever.

After returning to Christ, my priorities, obviously changed. I was simply less interested in Linux and more interested in learning more about the Bible, theology, the church, well the list goes on, and you get the idea. If you look back, you will see a definite change in the topic of this blog just over a year ago -- you'll get the idea.

As a result in this change in priority, I just stopped checking Google+ and specifically my Linux circles. To start with, to read the things that these folks wrote about Christians (or really any religion) in general just made me mad, and I felt it was best to simply not read them. I just couldn't "hang out" with these guys anymore.

I didn't completely quit using Google+, but I did set my "Linux" and "Software Dev Folks" to not show on my timeline. This morning, for some reason I clicked it, and mixed in with all the cool software development post were a few post that sent these guys on a big "Christians are idiot sheeple" rants as usual, and it dawned on me.

I can't ignore these people. I have to pray for them!

Will you join me? These are the very people who make the stuff you use and depend on every day. They make the platforms you use to read your digital Bible. Do you use Android? Well if so you are using Linux, friend! You should read some of the cursing rants Linus Torvalds (the creator of Linux) has gone on with people who volunteer their time to make Linux...he's not a nice person, he really isn't, he treats people like dirt regularly and I can't believe how long I idolized him and many others just like him in that industry (if you want to see what I mean, just Google 'Linus Torvalds f word' if you aren't sensitive to such's sad really).

So please, join me in praying for these folks. Pray that God will touch their hearts just like he did mine, and show them that you can be smart, and Christian. Pray that they will find the pure joy that I found. I hope they do, I really do.

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