Sunday, December 28, 2014

Five Links I Have Enjoyed -- Dec 28, 2014

This first article, from Peter Krol warns us to not get too familiar with the Bible. This might seem odd -- as usually you want to know as much about the Bible as you can, but that is not what the article is saying. He is warning us that a certain familiarity "may lead us to assume things that are not in the text, and it may blind us to things that are." In other words, familiarity may trick us into thinking we know the story, when we really don't.

Next, here are 13 George Whitefield quotes that will change your spiritual life. I am constantly inspired by the life, ministry and words of George Whitefield. If you aren't familiar with this life, please check out Thomas Kidd's new biography.

Next is an article about how Christians are persecuted in North Korea. North Korea is at the front of everyones mind right now because of all of the hoopla around the movie 'The Interview', but being a Christian in North Korea is no laughing matter.

I enjoyed this short video posted by Karen Swallow Prior in which she explains that although the Bible is indeed literature, and composed of various genres, but also a very special inspired case different from other books we read or study.

Finally, an article that gives us four ways to use a forked stick around a campfire.


  1. Thanks for sharing the article on familiarity, Jayson. Now, back to learning as much about the Bible as I can... :)

  2. Thanks Peter! I enjoyed the article!