Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Five Links I Have Enjoyed -- Dec 30, 2014

First, here is Philip Jenkins discussing the fallibility of memory from a historians point of view: "First-hand testimony is not always the best way of reconstructing the past. Or rather, it would be, if witnesses were not cursed with regular, fallible, malleable, human memories."

I really enjoyed this post from John Piper. He discuses prayer, and specifically how we should always be seeking to exalt Christ through all of our prayers, and everything we do. Exalting Christ should be our deepest desire, which modifies everything for which you pray.

In this post from Fred Sanders he looks at a sermon from John Wesley and points out how Wesley was always on the lookout against two dangers in the spiritual life: formalism and antinomianism. I loved this last paragraph and quote from J.C. Ryle:

And that reminds me of how an earlier generation of Calvinists regarded the message of John Wesley. Wesley was not somebody to argue against, or to silence by pointedly ignoring, or to warn people away from by broadcasting the rumor that he was guilty by association with heresy. Instead, Calvinistic Anglicans like J.C. Ryle thought of him as one of the best resources in the evangelical toolbox for maybe, just maybe, reviving a dying church movement:
I am afraid that most of us are half asleep, and those that are a little awake have not begun to feel. It will be time for us to find fault with John and Charles Wesley, not when we discover their mistakes, but when we have cured our own. When we shall have more piety than they, more fire, more grace, more burning love, more intense unselfishness, then, and not till then, may we begin to find fault and criticize.

Next, just how much is $100 worth in every state? There is also a map that is broken down by metro area.

Finally, where did people turn before Google? Librarians of course! Here are some humorous queries that were written down in years past by reference librarians at the NY Public Library. If you find these interesting, be sure to follow the NYPL Instagram account as they will be posting one of these cards there every Monday.

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