Saturday, December 27, 2014

Five (well, technically six) Links I Have Enjoyed -- Dec 27, 2014

Did Bach's wife write his greatest works? Well, there is a documentary that says that she did. (There is also this article that says that she didn't).

This article from Wired argues that paper books will live on even though electronic reading devices are becoming more and more common. Although I have enjoyed my Kindle, I agree with the author that I tend to read more deeply and retain more of what I read when I'm reading from a paper book. I would never buy a Kindle version of a book for a class, for example.

I enjoyed this article from Kevin Stilley on why he uses followback on Twitter and how he uses Twitter as an extension of his ministry.

This next article highlights a study that shows that religious people are happier than non-religious people.

Finally, I liked this post that Aaron Earls shared yesterday that shows your favorite DC superheroes, drawn into famous movie posters.

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