Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Five Links I Have Enjoyed -- Jan 14, 2015

I really enjoyed this interview with Tom Schreiner around his upcoming commentary on Hebrews.

Next, Karen Swallow Prior takes a look at the ascetic appeal of tiny living. Tiny living has become the latest fetish of the anti-comsumerist religion. She reminds us that "a self-made religion that has only the appearance of wisdom - should never be viewed as the way to peace or perfection. As believers we are called neither to asceticism nor to its opposite, excessive consumerism, but rather to moderation and perfection through Christ alone."

I also found this next link via Karen Swallow Prior when she shared it out on social media yesterday. To Students: Close laptops, use pencils. I commend it to all of my fellow students. I'm serious. Read this. I know everyone learns a little differently, but I spent last semester watching fellow students overly engrossed in copying notes off of Power Point slides, meticulously formatting notes in MS Word, browsing the web, texting and any number of things other than actually engaging with the professor and the rest of the class. Like the author of this article suggest, I take my notes by hand -- you know, stuff the professor says that isn't on the Power Point -- in a composition book, and then I go another step and type up my handwritten notes in Evernote. EVERYTHING lives in Evernote for me -- notes, Power Point presentations given out by professors, class handouts, syllabuses, study-guides. Everything. In short, if you are a student, read this article, and perhaps try taking notes by hand this semester and see if you do better at retaining the information.

This next post from David Mathis over at Desiring God reminds us that “The highpoint of prayer . . . is praying together with other Christians.

And finally, sadly, a London college is offering classes on selfie photography.

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