Thursday, January 15, 2015

Five Links I Have Enjoyed -- Jan 15, 2015

Check out this great video with Don Carson, John Piper and Tim Keller. They explain who influenced them, and also give suggestions of who we should look to for influence. I especially liked how Don Carson said: "If you listen to one preacher, you’ll become a bad clone. If you listen to two, you’ll become confused. But if you listen to many, you’ll have multiple influences shaping you and will actually be freer to be yourself under the authority of the Word." I have heard him say something similar to this regarding authors -- change out "listen to one preacher" to "read one author". I think it is so important to sample from many authors, many school of thoughts and be able to form your own beliefs while constantly checking them against scripture. I'm going to give you another (older) link with a similar topic from J.D. Greear. His article is called "Don't be a fundamentalist, Calvinist or otherwise". He is talking about how some folks seem to elevate their theological system over the Gospel, or perhaps to let it get in the way of the Gospel. The quote form this article that sticks out to me is "I think it is healthy for every Christian to cross-pollinate." I think sometimes, this tendency stems from becoming a "bad clone" or even "confused" to use Don Carson's terminology. I know I went through this stage -- I was infatuated with what I read from John Piper and R.C. Sproul and I in a way started trying to be a bad clone. It wasn't until I started cross-pollenating that I started to form my own opinions and beliefs which are always based on Scripture. I saw a young man online somewhere (it was either in comments on a blog or on Facebook) that said something along the lines of "I'm a Christian -- well, specifically, I'm a calvinist." That really made my heart break. I don't think we should ever introduce ourselves like that. Even in a theological circle, I would never include my soteriology when introducing myself. I get turned off quickly when people start shoving their theology in places it doesn't belong, especially when calvinist and non-calvinist start flaming each other on social media before the entire world.

Speaking of theology, here is a great link from Aaron Earls on how to teach theology to your children.

Next, Justin Taylor passes along some tips from John Frame on why and how to be self-critical when you write.

Finally, I enjoyed this piece from SEBTS Ethics professor Dr. Daniel Heimbach on pursuing the possible in a finite world.

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