Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Links I Have Enjoyed -- Jan 16, 2015

First, Sam Storms looks at why Jesus taught in parables, and answers three questions: "What is a parable?", "Why did Jesus teach in parables?" and finally "How does one interpret parables?".

In this post, Justin Taylor looks at four differences between the "telephone game" and the transmission of the New Testament manuscripts.

Next, Jon Bloom looks at why God gave us more details about Joseph’s life than any other individual in Genesis, and sightings of sovereignty in the life of Joseph. He shows us how the narrative of Joseph's life "remind[s] you that no matter what you are experiencing, sweet or bitter, good or evil, no matter how long it’s lasting, he has not left you alone (John 14:18). He is with you (Psalm 23:4), he is working all things together for good (Romans 8:28), and he will be with you to the end (Matthew 28:20)."

This next article shows us that the printed book is not yet dead for college students. As a matter of fact, I re-purchased hard copies of three books I needed for classes this semester which I already had in my Kindle library.

Finally, Jonathan Howe highlights the Tweetbot twitter app, and shows some of the way he uses it to work social media magic over at Lifeway. I have personally been using Tweetbot on my iPhone since I first saw Jonathan recommend it over a year ago. It's fantastic.

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