Monday, January 19, 2015

Five Links I Have Enjoyed -- Jan 19. 2015

First, Walter Strickand provides an excellent review of the movie, "Selma": "My purpose is to draw our collective attention to the influence of the Christian faith in the Selma story, the “foot soldiers” of the movement, and the tensions between black civil rights organizations."

Also, John Piper shares his thoughts on "Selma": "So I pray that this story of courage and sacrifice and conflicted righteousness will stir you and me to an unwavering commitment not to waste our lives."

Here is a post over on TGC that has both the text of Dr. Martin Luther King's Letter from Birmingham Jail, and a video where you can watch actor Cory Jones reciting the contents of the letter.

MLK: "To Go Forward, We've Got To Go Back." -- Fred Sanders looks at a few of his favorite lines from an early 1954 sermon form Dr. King (an provides a link to the audio of the full sermon).

Finally, here is a post about the friendship between Dr. King and Billy Graham, as well as some reflections from Rev. Graham on how his thinking on race equality changed over the years: "Reflecting on how his thinking changed through the years, Mr. Graham writes, 'I cannot point to any single event or intellectual crisis that changed my mind on racial equality. At Wheaton College, I made friends with black students, and I recall vividly one of them coming to my room one day and talking with deep conviction about America’s need for racial justice...Most influential, however, was my study of the Bible, leading me eventually to the conclusion that not only was racial inequality wrong but Christians especially should demonstrate love toward all peoples.'"

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