Friday, January 2, 2015

Five Links I Have Enjoyed -- Jan 2, 2015

In this first link, Jon Bloom over at Desiring God shows us seven resolution to help us pursue love in 2015

Next, over at The Gospel CoalitionJoe Carter reminds us that in the new year we shouldn't just be making resolutions -- we should be making new habits.

Don Whitney gives us ten questions to ask ourselves at the beginning of the new year, or on our birthday.

Could you imagine having the seven-inch long turn signal from a 1963 Ford Thunderbird in your arm for 51 years? Well this Illinois man did. He got in a horrible wreck and totaled his new T-bird. He hurt his hip pretty bad, and nobody paid much attention to the injury on him arm, until it started hurting recently after moving some concrete blocks.

Finally, here is a great story from the BBC on the search of the Centaur, an Australian hospital ship which sank in 1943.

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