Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Five Links I Have Enjoyed -- Jan 20, 2015

First, Spence Spencer gives an ethical primer on how Christians should view wealth and poverty.

Next, Sam Storms explains how happiness depends partly on grammar.

I also enjoyed this article on Baptist Press about how Southern Baptist became pro-life.

Next, Thomas Kidd looks at George Whitefield's troubled relationship to race and slavery: "I do admire Whitefield because of his passionate commitment to the gospel, but his relationship to slavery represents the greatest ethical problem in his career. It represents an enduring story of many Christians’ devotion to God but frequent inability (or unwillingness) to perceive and act against social injustice. Instead of condemning Whitefield as irredeemable, I would suggest that we let his faults—which we can see more clearly with 300 years of hindsight—caution us instead. Even the most sincere Christians risk being shaped more by fallen society than by the gospel."

Finally, David Prince explains why faithful expository preaching is Christ-centered preaching.

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