Sunday, January 4, 2015

Five Links I Have Enjoyed -- Jan 4, 2015

First, Grant Wacker, the author of "America's Pastor", the latest Billy Graham biography, gives us this article discussing Louis Zamperini's conversion under Billy Graham's preaching.

This next article asks the question "Is the Bible too complicated for those who struggle to read?" As the author, Andy Prime says: "As we engage people who have little experience or desire for reading, those who have no experience or desire for the Bible, we can have total confidence that as we open its pages God will be near and Jesus will be clear."

Under Jewish law, halakhah, a printed copy of the Torah may be used for personal study, but only a handwritten Torah may be used in Synagogue readings and rituals. This robot, which mimics a human hand can complete a Torah in 3 months -- no faster than a human, but doesn't have to rest. While interesting, this Torah scroll still couldn't be used in a synagogue.

This next post shows us 10 habits of remarkably polite people.

And finally, Karen Swallow Prior tells about When T.S. Eliot invented the hipster.

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