Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Five Links I Have Enjoyed -- Jan 7, 2015

I loved this first post from Aaron Earls on the Facebook privacy hoax and why our words matter. "When you share stories that are fake or social media hoaxes, you give away what money can’t buy. You trade away trust and credibility among your circle of friends for some magic social media beans — the possibility, however remote, that you might gain some money (or prevent a company from using your material as a way for them to make money). Whether you realize it or not, your words are important, including those shared on social media."

Next, Ken Keathely looks at four sides of the argument of "was there animal death before the fall" in a post that was adapted from the book 40 Questions about Creation which he co-authored with Mark Rooker.

Next, Sam Storms shows us how we can learn from how Jesus prayed.

In this next article, Thomas Kidd looks at the church and the dissolving American family. He reminds us that "broken families are no longer anomalous in America. More than ever, new people coming to your church will be keenly aware of their need for restored community and family support."

And finally, John Piper looks at how the need to love in deed does not diminish the importance of loving with our words.

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