Saturday, January 3, 2015

Two Great Bibles for Reading

Are you looking for a new Bible for your yearly reading plan? Are you old-school like me and only go to your electronic handheld device for convenience when nothing else is handy, preferring the feel of a paper Bible?

The ESV Clarion by Cambridge is my "carry" Bible that I usually have with me, however for reading for extended periods, either in bed or in my easy-chair, I prefer the rigidity and stability of a hardback copy. Crossway publishes two very nice cloth over board hardcover Bibles in a nice easy-to-read single column setting: The ESV Heritage Single Column (Cloth Over Board) and the ESV Reader's Bible (Cloth Over Board)

As you can see in this picture, they are very similar, with the Reader's Bible (bottom) being only slightly larger:

The Reader's edition also has two ribbon markers vs. the single ribbon in the Heritage edition.

Here are each of them open to Isaiah:

The Heritage:

And, the Reader's Bible:

As you can see, they have similar layouts. Both are free of the clutter of cross references, however the Reader's Bible has eliminated subheadings and verse numbers. Both Bibles have nice paper, and nice line matching to help with bleed-through. I do think the Reader's Bible has slightly thicker/more opaque paper.

Here is another shot of them both together:

I am very fond of single column settings. Here is a shot of the Clarion (with cross references) for comparison. Although I like to have the references in my carry Bible, both the Heritage and the Reader's Bible are much cleaner for extended reading:

Also, both the Heritage and Reader's Edition retail for around $30 but can usually be found for much less online, so they are very affordable (WTS Bookstore usually has ESV Bible's for 50% off of retail). The are both quality books, with sewn bindings that lay flat anywhere. Either would make great Bibles for extended reading, depending on your preference of verse numbers vs. no verse numbers. I use both. My Reader's Edition stays by my bed on my nightstand, and my Heritage stays on the table beside my recliner, and both get a lot of use.

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