Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bible Review: ESV Study Bible, Personal Size, Natural Leather

I just received a copy of the ESV Study Bible, Personal Size, Natural Leather, Brown. I was curious about this Bible when I first saw it was going to be released, so I was happy to be able to get a review copy to check out.

If you have ever seen the ESV Journaling Bible with the "natural" leather and the flap that comes around and ties, that is exactly the kind of leather on this Bible.

The leather is nice, but rugged. One quibble I have is that I wish there were a tad more yapp (or overhang) as it seems pretty flush with the text block. Also, I wish the ribbon were about 1/2-3/4" longer. Because of the thickness of the text block, it feels just a tad unbalanced with cover edges that are so tight against the text block.

The page edges are plain white with no gold gilting. This is a trade-off as some think the gold gives protection, but in reality it usually just gets scratched up and ugly on Bibles which you might use a lot/throw in your bag, etc. However, on this Bible, the text block is quite thick, and (especially when I first saw it) because if the proportions, the white page edges are a bit 'shocking' (I've tried to think of a better word, but that's all I can do). The thickness makes them look especially white, and if they get dirty, they are going to look especially dirty, I'm afraid.

The binding is sewn and lays flat absolutely anywhere. Not one hint of over-tightness (and that's good as this is a fairly thick text block).

While this is a smaller footprint than the "full-size" ESV Study Bible, it's still a chunky book, so be aware of that. However, it is very portable and sits in my hand quite nicely (and I don't have overly large hands).

If you want a portable copy of the ESV Study Bible you can carry around and will hold up to sustained heavy use, I think this is your ticket.

From a durability standpoint I highly recommend this copy, as I think it will stand up very well to heavy, day-to-day usage. From an aesthetic standpoint, that will be more of an issue of if this is within your style or taste.

Finally, one last thing to mention, is I discovered in this Bible there is a new edition of the ESV text. This is a 2016 "Permanent Text Edition". You can find more information here, however the gist is that the ESV translation committee has 52 word changes, some minor addition of some quotation marks, and have stated that this will be the ESV text for the foreseeable future. This made me very happy.

Finally here are some photos so you can check this Bible out for yourself.

*Disclaimer I received my copy gratis from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated above are my own honest opinions and I was not required to give a positive review. Thanks!

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